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Sara + Greg

"Walnut Chicken" is where we're stuck, btw.


Is it served hot or cold?


Good question. I believe the bread is toasted and the chicken, etc. is cold.


"Nutty bird" would work for hot or cold


Ha! Thank you.

Ron Gitlin

The French Alps


Heidi's Meadow


"Madison Avenue"

"Crunchy Chicken Delight"

"Sweet & Nutty"

"Chicken with Attitude"


How 'bout naming sandwiches after boats/ships? This one could be "The Clipper Ship", a loaded wrap could be "Full Rigged Ship" a seafood something could be "Moby Dick" or "Pequod", soups could be named after ferry boats..."Block Island Ferry".....you could play sea songs for background music.

Sara Pepitone

Thanks for all the ideas.

This is part of the problem - how can we be both interesting and straightforward? We've found that less information in the name is confusing and time consuming, but too much straightinfo is boring.

Balance is hard.

So...if you didn't know what was on a Sweet & Nutty Chicken Sandwich...what would you expect?


Moroccan Chicken and Cheese
honey~nut chevre and chicken....
maybe with arugula ?


Honey nut chickeeos

Sara Pepitone

Ha! How did we not make the HNCheerios connection?!

And, Anne, good suggestion: Chef says arugula is another part of the mix.

I like Honey Nut Chicken, but does it sound too sweet? And will we need a graphic of a BIG YELLOW bee?


The Barnyard Grazer.


How is the chicken prepared? Grilled? poached?

Jill Weyler Lesage

I know the show is over, but how about Chicken Divine?
BTW: The Thai Veggie sandwich was GREAT!

Janice Donahue

The Madison


How about CAWG, Pronounce cog...for chicken, arugula,walnut and goat cheese.

Sara + Greg

Jill, glad you liked the Asian Veg. It's one of our most popular sandwiches, even for meateaters.

As some of you know, for Saturday's event we went with Honey Nut Chicken, a name we consider to be temporary as it does not suggest the richness and depth of the sandwich. So keep the suggestions coming, please. Honey Nut Chicken was a huge success and will return to the menu when we reopen.

Greg Devine

"Hen House"

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